As everyone knows, planning a wedding is no walk in the park! There are so many ideas and arrangements that need to be decided for that one special day. However, here at Denis Stone Entertainment we have decided to try and make the process of deciding what entertainment to use at your wedding as simple as possible. To do this we have provided a list of the Top 5 Wedding Entertainment Ideas of 2018.  

It is always a given that a band or DJ is going to be present at a wedding. However the following are 5 other entertainment options that you could include on your day to make it that bit more entertaining and unique for both you and your guests.   

  1. Photo booth:

Photo booths are a great wedding entertainment idea from capturing moments with friends to silly pictures that will bring you back to your youth. An option that we think is a great idea is to organize a scrapbook/photo album beside your photo booth and guests can stick they’re pictures into the book and add a message for you and your new spouse to look at after the wedding.  

It always a good idea to have plenty of props in your photo booth to add humor to the whole process.  

  1. Big party games:

Large scale party games can be an easy wedding entertainment idea that will take all of your guests back to those Christmas mornings as kids playing with their brand new games except this time the games are life size!  

Games such as Jenga, operation, connect 4, Foosball, and air hockey to name just a few. Each of these games a guaranteed to get your guests mingling and laughing in no time.

  1. Magician: 

Having a magician at your wedding is always an excellent wedding entertainment idea and a great way to get your guests laughing and entertained. Magicians often go around during canopies or just after the meal has finished. Here at Denis Stone Entertainment, we feel that during canopies is usually the best time to have the magician as most people are stressing about getting checked in and many people are also quite hungry at this stage. By having a magician entertain your guests during this period it helps them to forget about their stresses and is a nice ice-breaker for guests at the reception to help enjoy the wonderful day that is your wedding day. 

For booking of more information on booking Denis Stone as a magician are your wedding feel free to get in contact.

  1. Irish Dancing:

Irish Dancing is another unique wedding entertainment idea, who doesn’t like Riverdance? Irish dancers at your wedding adds a vibrant and energetic atmosphere to the whole evening. Once the dancers are finished tapping their feet everyone will be dying to get up on the dance floor and show off their fancy moves.  

Most Dance troops usually do a 20/30 minute show and will finish up with a traditional ceili to get the guests up on their feet. For Irish Dancing booking for weddings we recommend the Lil Tully School of Dance.

  1. Candy Cart:

Candy carts are a great way to keep your guests super buzzed and ready to dance the night away. Weather you decide to do the candy cart yourself or get a professional company in to do it for you its always going to leave your guest with a sweet taste in their mouth!  

Everyone loves those classic sweets, from wham bars to time outs each sweet is going to make your guests reminisce about their first time having tasted each of those classic sweets.

We hope you consider some of our wedding entertainment ideas for your special day. If you have any questions on the options feel free to get in touch as Denis Stone Entertainment works with a wide variety of wedding planners and services throughout Ireland.